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Friday, September 07, 2007

50 cent v Kanye West - My verdict

Well here it is, the much hyped showdown between 50 cent and Kanye.

Let's cut to the chase, I prefer Kanye's album. It's a lot more devoloped than 50's and it's generally more interesting.

He doesn't go that deep into many subjects, but he generally has a funny outlook on life.

7/10 Not as good as his first but still entertaining

My favourite track which I can't get enough of is Champion. A feel good rags to riches song based on his life.

As for 50, well if you like sex, drugs, money or cars then there's generally something in here for you.

Beats are ok, but there's not really much going on in 50's head and it shows. Best track you've already heard, Ayo Technology and that's the Timbaland Justin hookup.

4/10 weak as always, but it'll sell by the bucketload.

Song to thug out to and start a fight with is probably I get money...

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