Friday, December 15, 2006

Hip Hop is Dead...

Thank god for Nas then...

After being unimpressed by Jay-Z, Fat Joe and Snoop's latest albums, I was hoping that Nas would stay true to form and release something worthy.

He's dropped another album worth listening to and he's got some notable friends this time around.

Jay-z (!) The Game and Kanye drop some verses in various songs and Nas can always be relied on to make you think about what he's saying. He give props to the missing innovators of Hip Hop and take's shots at the soul-less bling rappers of today.

Obviously the biggest news is that Jay-z has finally linked up with Nas after their public fall out. Jay addresses their history, how they were close and how they fell out.

Album released December 19!

Exclusive pre-listen here:

Black Republican (feat. JAY-Z)

Not his best, but way ahead of most of the stuff I've heard recently 8/10.